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Sung Eucharist from St Mary's for the First Sunday of Advent: 28th November 2021

On Sunday 28th November  at 10.00am, the Ministry Team celebrated a Sung Eucharist  for the First Sunday of Advent.

You can watch the service below. 

The order of service is here. 


'Home' - Our Autumn Programme of Discipleship for 2021

Our Autumn Programme of Discipleship is now live! 

We hope that the theme of 'Home' will be one which will relate to us all in various ways and link to faith, that there will be something for everyone.

You can read what's happening here. Come and get involved! 


 It is good to welcome you to this website of the dynamic and vibrant community that worships in the two parish churches in Moseley - St Anne’s and St Mary’s. We are an open and inclusive, wide-ranging group of Christians who meet together to worship God and encourage one another. The Eucharist is central to our worship in Moseley and through it we receive empowerment to share God’s love to the people in the village and beyond.

Our congregations regularly contain five generations worshipping together and in both churches you will receive a warm welcome, experience the opportunity to worship God, to be challenged and encouraged through his word and to make new friends. As lockdown continues to ease we are feeling our way forward. Folk are encouraged to wear a mask and we now have congregational and choral singing. Some of St Mary’s services are live-streamed across multiple platforms. Please see our weekly bulletin for details of how to access these if you are not yet able to join us in person. With a range of ‘services’ there is something on offer for most people – please have a look.

Happy New Year! I know that the shops have been full of Christmas goodies since the summer holidays, but Christmas doesn't begin until Christmas Eve afternoon and before that we have the season of Advent which starts four weeks before Christmas. This year it is on 28 November and it is the first day in a new year in the Church calendar - Advent Sunday. The difficulty in Advent is trying to hold off Christmas! People want to sing Christmas Carols and hear the nativity story - all of which are good, but if we rush headlong into them, we miss Advent altogether - except for our piece of chocolate, or wine, beer gin or whatever each day! When I was child it was simply a different picture each day. Advent is one of the Church’s reflective seasons where we try to put our spiritual house in order before we welcome and celebrate the coming of the Christ Child at Christmas. The themes of Advent are quite heavy and we have many difficult Bible passages to consider which talk about the second coming of Christ and the end of human history! Great inspiration for a movie or two. However you celebrate Advent, check out our calendar and see what there is for you - I hope there is something and that we get the chance to welcome you this Advent Season.

Thank you for stopping by to read. I hope to welcome you in person very soon. Please contact our office if you have any questions.

 With warm best wishes,

 Revd Duncan Strathie

 Vicar of Moseley



Our Weekly Bulletin

Read our Weekly  Bulletin to see information about our services, this week's news and who we are praying for.

New Pattern of Worship

With effect from Sunday 5th September, a new pattern of Sunday worship took effect at St Mary's and St Anne's Churches. Please click here to read about it. 

Details of specific services can be found in our calendar as usual. 

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