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Plan B Covid Restrictions - December 2021

As places of worship are now under the “Plan B” Covid-19 restrictions, it is a requirement for everyone to wear a face covering when inside the church building unless they have a medical exemption. This will extend to those who lead our worship through singing. A knock on effect means that we are no longer able to serve refreshments after a service. We are sorry about this loss of fellowship but now is the time for us to pull together and help limit the spread of Coronavirus. Distribution of Holy Communion will continue unchanged.

Thank you for your assistance with this.


 It is good to welcome you to this website of the dynamic and vibrant community that worships in the two parish churches in Moseley - St Anne’s and St Mary’s. We are an open and inclusive, wide-ranging group of Christians who meet together to worship God and encourage one another. The Eucharist is central to our worship in Moseley and through it we receive empowerment to share God’s love to the people in the village and beyond.

Our congregations regularly contain five generations worshipping together and in both churches you will receive a warm welcome, experience the opportunity to worship God, to be challenged and encouraged through his word and to make new friends. As lockdown continues to ease we are feeling our way forward. Some of St Mary’s services are live-streamed across multiple platforms. Please see our weekly bulletin for details of how to access these if you are not yet able to join us in person. With a range of ‘services’ there is something on offer for most people – please have a look.

Contrary to popular opinion and pressure from the retail sector, the season of Christmas only has 12 days! The season begins on Christmas Eve and runs through to the Feast of Epiphany on January 6th which is when we celebrate the Kings/Wise people visit to baby Jesus. Epiphany then lasts only 2-3 weeks before we are into Sundays that anticipate the season of Lent. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday when we gather at St Mary’s for a service of “ashing” where ashes are mixed with oil. Those who wish, are marked with an ashen cross on the forehead as a sign of their discipleship and intent to follow a spiritual discipline for the 40 days of Lent. Traditionally Lent has been a time of abstinence – giving things up, but why not take on something new instead? The day before Ash Wednesday is Shrove Tuesday, or pancake day, or many countries Mardi Gras – Fat Tuesday! To mark the imminent start of Lent, a last party is held and all luxury foods are consumed – including eggs and flour in the form of pancakes. Six weeks on meagre rations certainly makes the feast of Easter that much more enjoyable

Thank you for stopping by to read. I hope to welcome you in person very soon. Please contact our office if you have any questions.

 With warm best wishes,

 Revd Duncan Strathie

 Vicar of Moseley



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New Pattern of Worship

With effect from Sunday 5th September, a new pattern of Sunday worship took effect at St Mary's and St Anne's Churches. Please click here to read about it. 

Details of specific services can be found in our calendar as usual. 

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